Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'll be truely happy with EVE when I can...

Go down to a city on a planet -- a city which has been built up ala SimCity by a fellow capsuleer-
and play Grand Theft Hovercar.  I'll get a space hooker and then run her over to get my ISK back  (+profit).  When the triage mobile comes I'll set that on fire.  When the FireHoverTruck shows up I'll steal it and barrel straight into the local CONCORD dispatch station.  Dodging laser fire, I'll steal the Hover-Jet off the roof and escape back to my spaceship, 50 ISK richer.    Aww yeah.

Neighbors givin you trouble? Run up and kick their dog

Hello again eve, it's been a while since we last talked.  I've been online here and there, managed to pull off a heist to the tune of 10 billion isk a few months back.  I've been busy in real life, too.  Got myself a nice 40 hour job, and school is keeping me plenty busy (I'm working on a Game Development and Programming Associates)  You can read more about boring RL stuff at

In Eve Online related news, Heretic Army is alive and viscious, now with Jude Lloyd at the helm, who's doing a pretty good job of lettign the blood spill.   You can read all about that on his blog.

A trillion isk scam has been executed, I must say, I'm a bit 'jelly'.   Read about that here.

Right then, on to business.  I must admit, Dogs are awesome, and if you fuck with cats, god help you.  That in mind, Eve online is a game where I believe we need the option to metaphorically run up and punt their chihuahua though the goal posts.   I'll yield that we can already do that in many respects.  There's can-flipping, hulk ganking and much, much more.  These are good things, because kicking someone's dog makes them angry.  Getting people angry means fights, and,  failing some good fights, it means tears.  Tears are what keeps Eve going, one visit to the game's forums or eve-news24 is testament to that.

Out with it, Man!

Right then.  The problem I see with the game currently is that 0.0 small gang roams usually end with no real fights.  The residents of 0.0 have no incentive -not- to dock up from killing NPC's or mining.  It's the former that I'm bothered by.   I've devised a mechanic wherein a Sov structure would house a chip.  1 chip allows a player 1 anomaly (highend chip = sanctum)  This is an upgrade for most people who NPC, as sanctums were recently nerfed.  On the flipside, the chip can be stolen unless it's defended.  (Enter starwolf)

I've thrown a nice big thread up about it with all the juicy on the Eve-O forums.   Have a read and please dont be afraid to respond.   Here's the link.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

...And other places too!

Well, it's official, myself and switch have finally returned to Sniggerdly.  I got kind of turned off to posting any further after I facepalmed at Villwraths faggotblog, but I'll talk more about that later.

Since my last update, BANE has all but shit the bed.  The real final straw seemed to be two simultaneous decisions.   The first was by myself and Switch, my brother from another mother.  Whatever we do in eve, we go there together, and we'd been plannning a long-term return to Sniggerdly for a few months now.  Ofcourse, we have a crew that ended up following us to PL and waffles.  

Upon this news, Kri Matar, glorious heretic warlord and another one of my best bros, decided it was time to throw down the corp name poisoned by it's founder and reform Heretic Army.

The schism was under way, and those who didn't find themselves in one of the previous two joined Eternal Perseverance, still under the BANE tag.  PRSVR is an incredibly talented group of pilots who may just be the best Recon ship pilots in eve.  

And now, the story of my first day in Pandemic Legion.  Trials, tribulations and hotdrops

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hulkageddon III

It's here you guys, it's finally here!

It's time for thousands of hulks to die in fiery explosions, for carebears to bitch and moan, and for CCP to laugh it up as the collective playerbase sinks a few hundred billion worth of ISK to their benefit.

Hulkageddon III is quickly becoming every EvE pirate's favorite holiday, a week or more long event in which players band together to rack up the highscore against their sworn enemy: High-Sec miners.  In eve's high-sec, miners use the shroud of security provided my the NPC police force CONCORD in order to harvest asteroids without a care in the world.  In many cases, a EULA violating "macro", also known as a bot, will replace the actual player.

BANE has kicked off the event with a bang. We knocked out an Orca asap and are now  knee deep in hulk blood.  The best part is, we've only just gotten started!

Read all about it here on the website

MG4CSM #1: Capsule Improvements

On some glorious day in the future, I intend to run for CSM my very self.   I've had alot of ideas and I feel sharing a few isn't a bad idea. 

One such idea would be some improvements to the mechanics of the pod, or capsule, a pilot uses for escaping the firey explosion of his ship.

As things stand, when your ship explodes in eve online, your capsule is ejected just before it does so, and it will sit there, zero kilometers from the ship's wreck, until you initate a warp-off.   It can however, warp instantly, a nice bonus.

The problem I see, is that unless you have a great connection and a fairly expensive computer system, during the moments when you ship explodes, your system can often be in less-than-optimal conditions.  This will often lead to lost pods due to "lag", and nobody likes that.

Pods can get very expensive.   It will cost a 4 year player only a paltry few million to keep his or her clone up to date, but when you start plugging it with hardwiring and pirate implant sets, the pricetag can get up about 2 billion ISK!

It's my stance that pods deserve a bit more protection against the elements.  Due to their fragile and expensive nature, it's necessary to give pod-pilots more control over their investments than they already have.

Proposed Changes:

1) Escape vs Eject:  Currently, ejecting from a ship forces the pod out just as it normally would if the ship were to explode.  The eject feature is currently only useful for leaving the ship to board another in space.  If a pilot finds themselves trapped and their shipped doomed, I'd like to see them able to use an "escape" feature, where they would be able to shoot their pod off in a random direction to the tune of 30KM away from the hull.

2) CCP, FIX ship-deaths!: Lag is a serious issue when it comes to pods.  Going from seeing your ship explode to being in a station, without ever seeing your pod, should never happen.  Ship-death mechanics are the same as they've been since 2003.  I would force CCP to ask why lockups happen when a ship death occurs.   Perhaps it's because the camera starts at zero KM from the pod, rendering far too many graphics.   Perhaps just bad coding.  These kind of lockups happen even with recommended hardware, and they shouldn't.  What ever there is to optimize, I'd make sure they'd do it.

3) Pod Killmails:
Let's face it, we all want to know whether or not the typhoon pilot who we killed while going 2K a second really had snake imlants in  (this actually happened to my fleet on the Ossogur gate yesterday).   Pods are a little harder to catch, with my mechanics, lets even it out by making it a little more worthwhile.

4) Corpses & etc:
Salvageable Corpses?  I think so! This isn't really an original idea, just a pirate's wet dream that's been around for awhile.  Let players dig through the husk of dead enemy to pull out slightly used implants.   Maybe even take the twenty bucks and the 25% off quafe coupon in their wallet, while your at it.  And ofc, a slight improvement to the UI.  I've got a few thousand corpses in containers across the universe, let's make names click-able and corpses search-able.   Going to need that to get my mantelpiece in order if walking in stations ever comes around.

By making pods just a little more viable to save, I think we'd see more people going the extra mile and using some implants.  The escape mechanic means we may see more people leaving their ship behind in favor of their implants, and free ships are always nice (If you can get your fleet to stop firing in time, of course)  And of course, we get some nice rewards for hunting down pods too, so we'll have more incentive to get those pod killmails.   

Up for CSM sometime after 2013

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Carebear Jesus is no more

Pirates, outlaws and gentlemen of questionable moral fiber rejoice:  Ankhesentapemkah  has been permabooted off the CSM.  [source]

For those of you not aware, the CSM, or Council of Stellar Management, is a CCP instated group.  Members are voted in by the player base and the system works something like congress.  Many bittervets will argue that the CSM has no bearing, others value it greatly.  

Ankhesentapemkah, better known as Carebear jesus, has been around since CSM day 1.  She entered with a very strong anti-grief agenda, opposing pirates, offending pvp'rs.  If you ask me, she was generally very much against what Eve is all about.  Ankh lobbied for things like CONCORD patrols in low-sec or even "Jail time" for pirates, where players who commited crimes in game would be unable to undock for several days.

She also recently threw a spoon at one of the CSM's in a meeting recently.

In any case, I have made you all a pretty picture to commemorate this great day.

Monday, July 5, 2010

EoH Poker, I've joined it

So I just signed up for Eve Online Hold'Em Poker at the suggestion of Ophey Won.  Don't fuck with me Ophey!  This better be some ~goodtimes~

Will poast more when I've hemorrhaged some ISK.